“Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”. While making economic breakthroughs and technological innovations, Shenzhen speeds up the industrial upgrade, further transforms the economic development mode, advocates green life and realizes the low-carbon objective. High quality, optimal structure and low consumption have become the new normal of economic development of Shenzhen.

In this ecological garden city with clear waters and green hills, birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers all year round, the forest coverage rate reaches up to 41.2%. The annual average concentration of PM2.5 of the city is 28 microgram/cubic meter, and it is one of the ten cities with the best air quality nationwide. 36 lines and 45 sections of black and odorous water bodies in the built-up area have basically removed black-odor through governance. The energy consumption of per 10,000 yuan GDP decreases by 4.2% and water consumption decreases by 10.3%. It has built a batch of exquisite parks, including Talent Park, Honey Park and the west coastal leisurely belt of Shenzhen Bay, and established Guangdong Neilingding Futian National Nature Reserve, which is the only smallest natural reserve in the city hinderland. “Shenzhen Blue” and “Shenzhen Green” become the brightest colors of the city. It has won the honorary titles, such as the first urban planning prize of International Union of Architects in Asia, national garden city, international “garden city”, “top 500” of environmental protection of the U.N, national healthy city, national model city of environmental protection, national model city of greening, national excellent tourism city, and national civilized city.

It has implemented the central task of environmental protection supervision and rectification, carried out the “Sword No. 1” environment-friendly law-enforcing special action, dismantled 88 illegal buildings of the Level I protection zone of drinkable water resources, investigated and governed 73,000 “small, scattered, disorderly and polluted” enterprises, and solved a batch of environment-friendly hot spots and difficulties that citizens are concerned about. It has implemented 30 articles of quality improvement and 23 strengthening measures, removed and closed 63 key supervision enterprises of volatile organics, newly promoted over 20,000 new energy automobiles, realized 100% pure automation of franchised buses, eliminated 24,000 yellow-label cars and 54,000 old cars, finished the flue gas treatment of 3 garbage incineration plants, and upgrading and construction of 114 garbage transfer stations. It has also fully implemented the four-level river chief system of the city, district, street and community, sped up 486 water governance and quality improvement projects, newly increased the sewage pipework of 2009km, removed 2780 drain outlets, finished the rain and sewage diversion transformation of 1412 communities, newly increased 152 communities of quality drinkable water, transformed the water supply pipework of 108 communities, basically built Phase II of Shajing Sewage Treatment Plant and Songgang Water Quality Purification Plant, and better finished the assessment tasks of the staged objective of national and provincial water pollution governance. It has issued and created the three-year action program of “the world famous flower city”, newly built and restructured 59 parks, finished the greening and beautification of 6 main nodes, such as Coastal Riverside and Shennan Avenue, and constructed 200 Flower Blocks and City Center Gardens. Yantian Street has become one of the first batch of national model cities and counties of national ecological civilization.