About Us

Overall Objectives
To build a two-way showcase window and online-to-offline interactive platform enabling the world get to know Shenzhen and let Shenzhen citizens understand the world in a warm and fun way.
Platform Positioning
Based on the core concept of "new form of Internet in International Urban Construction", the platform is dedicated to serve the international construction and international exchange and cooperation of cities, and to implement the new model of "official guidance, non-governmental operation". With features of "integration", "experience" and "interaction", CityPlus strives to promote the brand of Shenzhen City.
Core Target Users
Expatriates, international friendship city governments and citizens in Shenzhen.

“Shenzhen Series“ Books: a comprehensive, in-depth and vivid introduction to the achievements of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in the fields of social and economic development, innovation-driven and green development since the reform and opening up, combined with excellent creativity and design to promote Shenzhen's "officially-approved market-oriented promotional products" , the series aims to enable users, especially foreign users, to fully experience Shenzhen's unique atmosphere of inclusivity and innovation, establish a sense of identity and belonging to Shenzhen. Simultaneously, the platform will develop Shenzhen series related products.