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CityPlus Invitation Letter
What's CityPlus?

An information sharing network for international exchange and cooperation oriented towards the world launched by Shenzhen.

A Chinese-English platform to connect global cities with the aim of promoting communication between Shenzhen and global friendly cities.

A new channel to achieve information sharing for institutions with external exchange needs in global cities.

A non-profit vehicle committed to promoting all-dimension communication and results-oriented cooperation in economy and trade, culture and science and education.

Sponsored by Shenzhen Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation
Directed by Shenzhen municipal government foreign affair office
To whom it may concern:

In this globalized world, information, big data and Internet technology are upgrading at a speed beyond people’s imagination, which disrupts traditional industries and brings new innovation opportunities and changes people’s ways of thinking and acting at the same time. In an era of “the future is here”, four words stand out: technology, data, innovation and wisdom.

There will be no innovation without sharing. As the world enters an era of “building block-like innovation”, different innovation factors are forming synergy at world-renowned innovation and wisdom highland like “building blocks”. With cities as social vehicles, we will provide various and individualized information for enterprises and institutions and achieve information sharing and resources matching in a smarter way to bring you closer to global innovation and make you the presenter of latest news. With that, communication and results-oriented cooperation on all dimensions in economy and trade, culture, technology, education and people-to-people exchange will be enhanced.

Today we are living in the new era of smart media where media is everywhere. Unlike previous official website, CityPlus will not be bound by unilateral way of presenting information but take social interaction, big data analysis, personalized information feed as the breakthrough points to offer valuable information on international cooperation and unique insights with global perspective for enterprises and institutions registered.

CityPlus is directed by Shenzhen municipal government foreign affair office and sponsored by Shenzhen international exchange and cooperation fund, which gives it natural channel dominance to get authoritative and accurate information on international communication and resources. Going forward, we will combine the online information platform with offline activities to forge a global-oriented open-ended vehicle linking cities. “city account” and “institution account” registered on CityPlus will have special page for self-display and publicity and we will feed important official and private information in an accurate way and other personalized information with different interest tags.

He who is willing to hit the road is wise and he who walks together with partners is capable.
Hope we can create information with attitude, human touch and depth together with you!
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Events can be themed on city, district, organization, industrial field and exhibition activities. Every page can be customized to the largest degree and showed as banner at homepage to gain more visibility such as JAFZ free trade zone, Barcelona CES, Shenzhen maker, events on Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce etc.

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Enterprises, business associations and government will register as "city account" to enjoy huge amount of resources and channel information on "go global" for institutions and individuals.

Multiplier effect

Boost information connectivity among cities with the communication among Shenzhen, Hongkong, Macau and other international cities to create opportunities for communication and cooperation for cities to transform the mode from “one to many” to “many to many”.

Communication and interaction

All institutions registered have official contact and registered users can communicate online to enhance interaction.

City social interaction

The first platform themed with “city social interaction” in the world to offer firsthand and effective information for better connectivity among cities.

High reliability

“city account” is operated by government or local reputable business associations. We will invite registered institutions in a targeted way to improve the authoritativeness and reliability of information.

High precision

Professional questionnaire survey will be conducted for institutions registered and feed targeted information according to users’ demands in international communication and cooperation including development dynamics and exchange and cooperation projects to match users with their targeted subjects rapidly and accurately.

Log on "www.cityplus.com" and fill in relevant information to become member of this platform. You will own special page for city or institution. You can promote yourself and products or services and release various external exchange information. Welcome you to recommend more institutions to join our platform and share global resources!

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86 755 23984090 cityplus@cityplus.com www.cityplus.com
City Account
Organization Account

This platform is based on every city as the basic unit with every city registered has its own "city account" operated by government or reputable business association. City account pools together enterprises, business association, government departments and universities of the city. City account can be promoted and displayed in the form of video, photo and texts in a multi-dimensional and individualized way.

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Organization account is a special page for organizations registered, which includes basic information on organization and exchange and cooperation information released by them. Organization account users can be promoted and displayed in the form of video, photo and texts in a multi-dimensional and individualized way.

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