The City Account of Hague, Netherlands Launched on "CityPlus City+" Platform and the First City Inclusive Experience Itinerary Released
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The “CityPlus City+” logo at the Hague City Promotion Conference and the news briefing of “CityPlus City+” Experience Itinerary


On the morning of December 3, Shenzhen Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as “Foundation”) and the Hague Municipal Government of the Netherlands jointly organized the Hague City Promotion Conference and the “CityPlus City+” Experience Itinerary news briefing, which themed on “Cross-Sea · Into the endless" and means that the two sister cities will continue to work together and deepen cooperation. Dozens of Hague and Shenzhen enterprise representatives from high-tech, IT, telecommunications, trade, service, logistics, e-commerce, new energy and other fields gathered together to discuss opportunities for investment and development. At the same time, the Dutch city of Hague was officially launched on the “CityPlus City+” platform, becoming the 9th city account officially launched on “CityPlus City+” platform following Shenzhen, China, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, Tsukuba, Japan, Liege, Belgium, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Cape Town, South Africa, Brisbane, Australia and Seattle.


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If you view the Earth from a high spot at night, you will see cities with myriad lights resemble stars scattered around the sky. Connecting these stars to accumulate the power of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation and sparkle the energy to support each other is original aspiration for founding the platform of “CityPlus City+ ".


Since its official launch at the end of 2017, “CityPlus City+” has been committed to promoting exchanges and cooperation between Shenzhen and international sister cities, attracting more than 2 million visitors through “super topics” and online live broadcasts, and is gradually becoming a two-way window for Shenzhen citizens to know about international sister cities and vice versa.


At the Hague City Promotion Conference and the news briefing of “CityPlus City+” Experience Itinerary, “CityPlus City+” released the city's inclusive experience itinerary for the first time, from the International Trade Building representing “Shenzhen Speed”, Huaqiang North known as “The First Street of China’s Electronics”, to the Ping An Financial Center overlooking Shenzhen, and the OCT Creative Park, where people can enjoy the Shenzhen literature and artistic scenes, these landmarks most representative of Shenzhen features and style have become the first 8 must-go places. In addition, the exploration itinerary in special area (such as innovation, environmental protection, food theme) will be launched successively, so that the majority of Shenzhen citizens and expats can approach and understand this city full of charm from different dimensions.


Friendship between Shenzhen and Hague enters the next chapter


Hague, crowned as the “Imperial City by the Sea”, is the third largest city in Netherlands. It has been the political center of the Netherlands for centuries. The King and Prime Minister of Netherlands have lived and worked here. Chinese Embassy in Netherlands is also located in The Hague. Hague is more reputed as a “city of fairness and justice” because it is also where UN International Tribunal is and endowed with a quality and flexible investment environment.


In addition to the "halo" in the field of politics and law, its economic development also has its own characteristics with six major industries of IT / telecommunications, medicine, urban agriculture, e-commerce, new energy and high-tech. As of 2017, about 130 Chinese companies including Huawei and ZTE have invested in Hague.


Richard de Mos, executive deputy mayor of Hague, said that as an economic partner city in Shenzhen, cooperation with Shenzhen has always been a priority for Hague. Hague will continue to welcome diplomatic representatives, entrepreneurs and tourists from Shenzhen with an open mind. “I am very pleased that Hague and Shenzhen 'CityPlus City+' have forged official partnership today, which marks that our friendship has entered the next chapter. I believe that through this platform, two cities will have more communication in economy, technology, education and other areas and benefit from it." (Xu Jiaojiao)


Source: Shenzhen Evening News

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