The Launch Ceremony of Hauge City Presentation and "CityPlus" Experience Route Opens in Shenzhen
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City promotion meeting scene


The Hague officially launches the "CityPlus" platform.

Executive Deputy Mayor of the Hague, Desmos introduces and presents the city


Open means exchange and communication. Shenzhen is creating a global urban social "new rule": CityPlus, CityPulse, ushering  a special group of Dutch "friends" on the first anniversary of the launch of "Cityplus"


Yesterday, the city promotion team led by Deputy Mayor Desmos from the Hague, together with representatives from the Shenzhen government and enterprises and related organizations, witnessed the launch ceremony of the entrance of Hague into CityPlus platform and the two-city experience route.


The City Promotion Meeting with the theme of "Cross the Sea · There is no End" was jointly sponsored by the Hague municipal government and the Shenzhen Municipal Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation. Representatives of the participating enterprises cover the fields of high and new technology, IT, telecommunications, new energy, and so on. Participants and business representatives shared the investment opportunities and business development climate in the Hague to provide information and reference for Shenzhen enterprises interested in investing in the Hague or introducing products and services from the Hague.


City social new rule, making the friend cities closer


Accompanied by guests on the scene pressing the hand print on the screen, the account of Hague City launched, and "CityPlus" platform welcomed its 9th member. "I am very excited about the cooperation with the two cities. The two friend cities are determined to learn from each other in the fields of economics, education, science, culture and so on, which will benefit the people of both places." At the online ceremony, Desmos said.


The "CityPlus" platform, as a global urban social network initiated by Shenzhen to present and cooperate with foreign countries and cities around the world, focuses on serving the international construction of the city and its cooperation with the world, creating a warm and interesting way to let the world understand Shenzhen, letting the public understand the world of two-way communication window and online and offline interaction platform, showing "fusion", experience "and" interaction" characteristics.


"After more than a year of hard work, CityPlus platform has received respondents from Seattle, Brisbane, Cape Town and other world cities and received nearly 2 million views. Today's first-initiated city exploration route will give citizens of both sides a taste of the charm of the two cities and give new connotations and forms to intercity exchanges and interactions. " Shenzhen International Exchange and Cooperation Foundation honorary vice-president Lin Zhongcheng said.


City experience route is initiated, letting people in these two cities learn the stories of the two cities


From the landmark International Trade Building, which represents the "speed of Shenzhen", to Hua Qiang Bei, praised by foreign media as "China's Silicon Valley", further to the Pingan Tower, the highest building in Shenzhen, then to the Lotus Mountain in the coordinate of reform and opening up, and finally to the sea world under the sunset, the "CityPlus" platform introduces and launches its first city experience route, leading guests from the Hague to visit the city's landmarks in the form of video and pictures.


Then the introduction turned to Hague, which is a palace of art, a city full of green and elegant, with the Royal Museum of Moritas, Knight Hall, Nuldenburg, Peace Palace, Madeleine Lilliputian. The Hague promotion team also selected a city route covering 22 classic destinations for Shenzhen residents to appreciate the Dutch's "poem and distance."


"The Hague super presenter" looks forward to "Shenzhen opportunity"


"As the royal capital of the Netherlands, the political and diplomatic centre, and the city of fairness and justice, the Hague has a fair and flexible investment environment. The Hague is a city that has to go! " Desmos's love of the Hague is reflected in his language, and he has become the ultimate "super presenter" of the Hague. Desmos said that Chinese companies have become the largest group of investors in the Hague, and the city of the Hague offers free local information support and services to businesses, and Hague will embrace both enterprises and tourists.


It is understood that information communication, medicine, urban agriculture, electronic commerce, new energy, high-tech are the Hague's current six major advantage industries. By 2017, more than 130 Chinese companies had invested in the Hague, including Huawei, ZTE and others in Shenzhen.


Desmos said the two cities introduced each other in travel magazines from the beginning of establishment of friend cities in 2014, opening up future economic and trade ties through cultural exchanges. At present, Shenzhen is an important economic partner city of Hague, "Hague has officially become a new member of the CityPlus platform, which means Hague will share more 'Shenzhen opportunities' in different fields such as economy, science, education, etc, and the two cities will work together to explore solutions in the area of sustainable urban development. "  


Information source: Shenzhen Special Zone Daily

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