2018 Shenzhen Digital Reading Report is Released, the Number of Digital Readers in Shenzhen has Reached 5.2374 Million, Who Have Stronger Willingness to Pay
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Shenzhen Special Zone Daily (Reporter Lin Zhoulu) in 2018, the number of digital readers in Shenzhen has reached 5.2374 million, of whom the Guangming District, Longgang District and Baoan District were the three regions with the largest scale of digital reading users. The proportion of digital readers in each district is 36.57%32.95%31.36% respectively. Above information was learned by the reporter in yesterday's "2017-18 Shenzhen digital reading report  press conference and elite salon."


The event is directed by the China Audio-Video and Digital Publishing Association, sponsored by the Office of the Shenzhen Reading Month Organizing Committee and Shenzhen Publishing and Distribution Group Company, and hosted by Shenzhen Comprehensive Reading Research and Promotion Center, Shenzhen Huawen International Media Co., Ltd.


According to the report, users in Shenzhen have a high degree of recognition of e-books. 17 percent of the users only read e-books, 67 percent of the users read e-books and paperback books, while 16 percent of users still insist on reading only paper-based books. The report points out that technology is the key to turn paper book readers into digital readers. The size of digital readers is characterized by "the north people read more, the south people read less", but the digital reading in south is growing faster than the north. In terms of the composition of digital reading users, Shenzhen digital readers include network literature users, comic book users and audio readers.


It is worth noting that in this year, there is a large increase in user willingness to pay for digital reading compared to the same period last year. According to the data, the percentage of digital readers willing to pay has reached 68.54 percent in 2017-2018 in Shenzhen, increasing 11.18 percent from 57.36 percent in 2016-2017.


In addition, the satisfaction of digital reading users in Shenzhen is on the low side, with 57.51 percent of the users indicating that they were average and 36.18 percent being not satisfied with the online reading service. Only 6.31 percent of  the users are satisfied with existing online reading services. New expectations for the future focus on quality content, free reading and better reading experience.


The report also set up a comprehensive evaluation of digital reading in Shenzhen. This year's data shows that Baoan District, Longhua District and Guangming District are the three regions with the highest digital reading scores in Shenzhen, with comprehensive scores of 82.55, 65.63 and 56.99 respectively. .


The event also held the "Shenzhen Digital Reading Awards 2018" award ceremony, in which Niannian, "Children's Book Castle" book platform, Lanren Tingshu won the "most innovative projects" award. Ireader, Migu reading, Tencent Mobile QQ Browser won the "most popular products" award, Nanshan District won the "most fruitful area" award.


Information source: Shenzhen Special Zone Daily


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