90% of Innovative Enterprises in Shenzhen are Local Enterprises, and an Article of the Economists Said that Shenzhen Has Become an
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Shenzhen Economic Daily reporter, Liu Hongchen


Shenzhen has created a lot of miracles, and what has caused these miracles is precisely Shenzhen's strong innovation. Innovation has become the first driving force of Shenzhen's economic development.


Although colleges and universities and scientific research institutes have always been the main players in many cities of our country, but in Shenzhen, the main body of innovation has always been enterprises! In Shenzhen, 90% of innovative enterprises are local enterprises, 90% of R & D personnel are in enterprises, 90% of R & D investment comes from enterprises, 90% of patent production is in enterprises, and 90% of R & D institutions are built in enterprises. More than 90% of the major scientific and technological projects invention patents from leading enterprises.


Shenzhen enterprises


Play major roles in innovation


In Shenzhen, it always have been the enterprises playing major roles of innovation in science and technology,


Seeing the National Science and Technology Awards list, Huawei, ZTE, Skyworth and other Shenzhen enterprises are frequent guests. Among them, Huawei won the first prize for technological progress for Shenzhen in 2001, the first prize for technological invention in 2011, the first prize for technological progress in 2016 and the second prize for technological progress in 2017.


Let's take a look at Huawei's innovative strength. As of December 31, 2017, Huawei had 74307 patent authorizations, 64091 Chinese patents and 48758 foreign patent applications, of which more than 90 percent were invention patents. Huawei has spent more than 394 billion yuan on R & D in the past ten years. Last year, Huawei ranked sixth in research and development investment in the world, according to the data.


Not only Huawei, Ping an, Tencent and other top 500 companies in the world, but also industrial enterprises such as Huaxing Optronics and BYD have played the major roles of innovation. On November 14, Huaxing Optoelectronics invested 46.5 billion yuan into production of the T6 project, and the $42.68 billion T7 project has been launched, boosting its position in the global semiconductor display industry. As the industrial project with largest investment amount in Shenzhen, Huaxing Optoelectronics has applied for 13341 Chinese patents and 7388 U.S. patents by the end of the third quarter of 2018, with core technology patent capability ranking the leading level of Chinese Enterprises.


In fact, the innovation strength of Guangqi, Dajiang Innovations, Ruoyu Technology and other innovation enterprises with strong alive can not be underestimated. Guangqi has more than 86 percent patents in the world's metamaterials, and Dajiang Innovations, the world's largest drone giant, has customers in 100 countries.


A cluster wave of innovative enterprises have been a powerful force to promote innovation in Shenzhen. Shenzhen state-level high-tech enterprises have reached 11230, ranking the first in China.

"Shenzhen is rewriting the world's innovation rules and fostering an cluster of innovative enterprises that influence the world." Last April, the Economist magazine reported that Shenzhen had become an "innovation greenhouse."


 market economy


Promoting Enterprises to become the main character of innovation


Why have Shenzhen enterprises played major roles of innovation? Yu Jian, the executive chairman of the Shenzhen Enterprise Federation, said: in Shenzhen, enterprises are the main body of the market economy, and entrepreneurs' innovation is the driving force and source of enterprise development.

Shenzhen enterprises' becoming the leading role of innovation is not only the result of Shenzhen's adherence to reform and opening up, but also the result of market economy. Zhu Shunhua, director of the Shenzhen Watch Industry Association, pointed out in an interview that Shenzhen is close to Hong Kong and Macao. Reform and opening up bring about an open market and an international perspective. In order to succeed, it is necessary not only to compete with China's enterprise, but also to compete with international rivals. Every successful enterprise has experienced many battles in the sea of market economy. Under the environment of market economy, the enterprise has a strong sense of competition and will persist in technological innovation to enhance its core competitiveness.


Lan Lin, general manager of Chace net, told the reporter that market demand is the innovation power of enterprises, and that Chace Net, as the only tool platform for policy inquiry and one-click evaluation in the real sense of the country at present, is intended to seize the node of the rapid development of strategic emerging industries, and tailor-build for technology-based enterprises. 


Gao Yunfeng, chairman of Han's Laser, said that at the beginning of his business, he kept looking for funds, increased research and development, and found a market. In the end, Han's first laser marking machine was successfully developed, and he earned the first barrel of gold for the Han's laser. Then Han's Laser has developed so fast and has the strength to compete with international industrial giants. From starting up to innovating in R & D, transforming technology into products in a few years, the Han's Laser is the epitome of the growth of thousands of innovative enterprises in Shenzhen, and innovation is the main driving force of every industrial change.


System innovation


Promoting the Innovation atmosphere of Enterprises


Old Shenzhen leader Li Hao once wrote in an article that, after growing up, Huawei had not forgotten the dividend of Shenzhen's reform, and the policy innovation repeatedly mentioned by Ren Zhengfei was a reform in 1987: Shenzhen allowed scientific and technological personnel to acquire shares by their achievements, and also Huawei, now as the number one in the industry, was founded in that year.


In fact, in encouraging enterprise innovation and enhancing enterprise competitiveness, Shenzhen has always been the leading city. In recent years, the cost of land and human resources in Shenzhen has remained high. On the questions of how to retain talents, enhance the competitiveness of Shenzhen enterprises, encourage enterprise innovation to enter the government's horizon, the municipal party committee and government have focused on the key links on the supply side and have introduced the promotion of scientific and technological innovation. The "package" policies of enterprise competitiveness, talent priority development, talent housing and higher education have set up a series of funds, including major industries, military and civilian integration, mergers and acquisitions, and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, with a total scale of more than 200 billion yuan, providing a better environment, better services, greater support for the development of broad medium and small businesses.


In October of this year, Shenzhen State owned Enterprise Shenzhen Talent Housing Group, which was positioned as a business of housing construction and operation for qualified personnel, threw 1.884 billion to gain 39000 square meters of commercial residence in Tangxia, Dongguan through the "bid - inviting, listing and auction" market approach, to build housing for qualified personnel. "The government does not interfere in the internal affairs of enterprises," said Dr. Guo Wanda, executive vice president of the China Institute for Comprehensive Development (Shenzhen). He highly praised the past Shenzhen municipal party committee and government's correct position of doing good services through system innovation, and he regarded that Shenzhen government has achieved "to do correct things and not to do wrong things, with no absence in their jobs and no excessive intervention".."


Innovative ecology


Constantly strengthening the Innovation ability of Enterprises


This year, Shenzhen has introduced 20 measures to reform the business environment, adhereing to the international first-class standard from the aspects of the trade and investment environment, the industrial development environment, the talent development environment, the government affairs environment, the green development environment, and so on. It can be sure that Shenzhen innovation ecology will continue to optimize.


In order to attract talents, Shenzhen issued a series of talent attraction plan. Shenzhen newly introduced talents can apply for new standards of rental and living subsidies, including undergraduate 15000 yuan / person, master 25000 yuan / person, doctor 30,000 yuan / person, and the subsidy will be delivered in full in one time. From only one engineer and 300 technicians in 1979 to more than 5.1 million talents in 2018, Shenzhen's "talent highland" advantage provides a continuous reserve for Shenzhen enterprises to forge innovation.


Not only the social environment, but also the small business environment has continued to invest in innovation and R & D. Shenzhen enterprises attach great importance to the cultivation of innovation ecology. Huawei said that it would spend more than $10 billion a year over the next 10 years to increase investment in technological innovation, actively open and cooperate, attract and train top talents, and strengthen exploratory research, so as to make a better transition to digitalization and intelligence.


The data show that in 2017, the number of international PCT patent applications in Shenzhen exceeded 20, 000, and the number of domestic patent authorizations was 94000, an increase of 25.59% over the same period last year. The number of patents for every 10, 000 people in Shenzhen reached 89.78, which is 9.2 times the national average (9.8). What is more rare is that in the fields of 5G technology, meta-materials, gene sequencing, new energy vehicles, drones and so on, Shenzhen enterprises' innovation ability is also at the forefront of the world.


Information Source:  Shenzhen Economic Daily

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