The Integration of Fashion and Technology, FT WORLD 2018 China (Shenzhen) International Fashion Science and Technology Week Opens
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Shenzhen Economic Daily】(reporter Wang Hairong, Tu Jingyu) The fashion industry and the technology industry promote each other and are reshaping the future industrial pattern and lifestyle. November 22, FT WORLD 2018 China (Shenzhen) International Fashion Science and Technology week opens at the Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition Hall.


This week focuses on the trend that fashion and technology continues to combine, with the theme of "Go Into Tomorrow's World." The event is sponsored by the Shenzhen Fashion designers Association and the Shenzhen Industrial Design Industry Association, jointly sponsored by Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition Center, undertaken by FTIA Fashion Technology Industry Accelerator, Shenzhen Team-Zone Cultural Technology Industry Investment Co., Ltd.


Yu Jing, deputy director of the Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, said cross-border innovation and integration has become an important strategic support for the country's commitment to industrial and economic transformation. Cultivating and strengthening fashion industry and grasping the new trend of cross-boundary integration of fashion technology are the important ways to create the city brand image of "Fashion Creative Capital". It is hoped that with the help of the activity platform, Shenzhen can further promote the integration and development of Shenzhen fashion industry and science and technology industry, and be in line with the world trend, so that "Fashion Science and Technology" can become another city card of Shenzhen.


It is reported that this week of fashion science and technology continues from November 22 to November 25. During this period, there will be 6 main events including exhibition of fashion science and technology, review and release of top 20 list of China's fashion science and technology capital, FITA international fashion technology summit forum, fashion technology wedding dress show, investment and financing reception, FaTech brand special event, to promote the integration of fashion and technology industries in Shenzhen.Among them, the Fashion Science and Technology Exhibition has set up 5 major exhibitions including fashion science and technology exhibition, black techs exhibition, audio-visual room, boutique design exhibition, public design competition excellent work exhibition. More than 100 enterprises displays in the exhibition. Their products includes the bare vision 3D display technology of Huantong Technology, UDrone mind-set selfie UAV set, EEG sleep instrument and other black techs products.


At the opening ceremony, the FTIA Fashion Technology Industry Accelerator signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hong Kong Compass Innovation Alliance and Singapore Women's Venture Fund, SoGal, NO. 10 Street Network platform, which plan to take Fashion Science and Technology week to Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore and get the global women investors summit settled in Shenzhen.


Information Source: Shenzhen Enomonic Daily

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