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Diana Yonghui MA, Sharjah FDI Office (Invest in Sharjah),

Sharjah is the third largest of the seven states which form the United Arab Emirates. The settlement of Sharjah dates back some 6,000 years when it is believed to have been called Sarcoa. The population was small and people relied on trade and sea faring in addition to, farming, hunting, fishing and pearling. Many of the early settlements were based around the 'falaj', a man made underground water course.

#Culture & Heritage# Renowned throughout the Arab world for its commitment to art, culture and preserving the local heritage, this emirate is the place to visit to explore, experience and discover the secrets of a unique Arabian lifestyle and islamic culture. Sharjah offers an impressive array of over twenty museums several art galleries and beautifully restored heritage areas.

#Business#Sharjah began its business odyssey centuries ago. Business grew from trading with the Far East and pearl trading and forged ahead at a great pace to its present status.

#Sharjah City Of Humanitarian Service# The persistence of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services in pursuing humanitarian work, especially in the fields of care, training, education rehabilitation and integration of the handicapped in the society, does not stem from a utopian ideal, but from a conviction that ties the potential future to a radiant past. embodied by the adherence of the people of the UAE to standards derived from a deep-rooted history and a glorious Islamic past.




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Renewable Energy There is an increasing interest in government investment in the implementation and utilization of renewable energies. This trend has favored the privatization of POWER GENERATION sectors and the entrance of independent power and water prod ...

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Marine & Air Freight Three deep-water ports, two on the Arabian Gulf and one on Indian Ocean, and an international airport with more than 20 cargo connections to Asia, Europe and Africa provide the logistics connectivity and baseline infrastructure tha ...

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Industry Information | Opportunities in Sharjah: Transport and Logistics

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