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#The City of Innovation# Shenzhen is home to the largest number of strategic emerging industries with strongest integration in Chinese mainland, nourishing numerous domestic independent high-tech enterprises like Huawei, ZTE, Tencent, BYD, DJI, BGI etc.

#The City of Globalization# 95% of residents in Shenzhen come from different parts of China and the world, pooling together 8037 national high-tech enterprises. A total number of 275 world top 500 companies have made investment in Shenzhen.

#The City of Wealth Creation# Shenzhen is one of the most developed cities in China with GDP ranked the third and per capital GDP ranked first in Chinese mainland cities. The foreign trade export volume has topped the league table in Chinese mainland cities for 24 consecutive years.

#The City of Design# On November, 2008, Shenzhen was included into the global innovative city network put forward by UNESCO and won the title of " city of design". Shenzhen boasts 6000 renowned design companies and 60000 professional designers.

#The City of Piano# Shenzhen leads China in teaching level of piano with 285000 sets of piano and 160000 piano learners. Piano teaching base of international superstar Lang Lang is set up here.

#The City of Green# The coverage of greenery in built-up areas is 45.1% and 1/2 of land is incorporated into the confine of " basic ecology red line".




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 (Adopted at the 33rd meeting of Standing Committee of the Second Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress on June 30, 1999; Revised by the 31st meeting of Standing Committee of the Second Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress on April 16, 2004 )  Chapter I Gen ...

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Policies | Regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on Business

2018-12-20  |  Finance

The Shenzhen International Exchange and Cooperation Foundation sincerely invites you to attend the Dutch Hague Investment Seminar, which is jointly sponsored by the Foundation and the Hague Municipal Government. The briefing will be held on December 3, 201 ...

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Invitation Letter | The Dutch Hague City Investment Briefing Inviting Interested Companies to Come to the Conference

2018-11-26  |  Finance



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